Week 1 – Here we go.. First Blog Post ever!

As uncomfortable as i can be, i’m super excited and happy to launch my first blog ever. This is a brand new experience for me and i hope you’ll have as much fun following me as I’ll have fun making this blog interesting with this life changing journey!

It’s my first week into the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance Experience (MKMMA) and all I can say is that I was ready for this. Lately I just turn 40 years young this summer, my wife just gave birth to my first daughter and you know, it bring you to some deep reflections on life. Where I am now, am I doing OK, will I be able to provide everything for my family, I was searching myself and to be honest, I was searching my Definite Major Purpose for years. I read the books, took the seminars and I knew it was right there. I was not able to clearly put my finger on it,  to make it clear. When I saw the opening for the program, it just clicked in my mind and i had to be on it. I knew Mark and Devene from their coaching program and I really liked their approach. I knew my time to reprogram was now !!

So in this first week, i was prepared on the Saturday, had my workbook printed out, did all the preparation steps and I was excited. It changed my energy instantly just to know that i’m gonna work on me, crafting a better version of myself and by the same time it was the beginning of that new journey, a reborn !! I didn’t struggle at all with the assignments right form the get go, I have to tell you that, french being my first language, reading ”The greatest salesman in the world” at first was a little more challenging but after a few days, i’m all fine now. Then writing down the first draft of our DMP was not as hard as I thought. It went pretty good and this is what’s happening. I’m so happy and excited about what’s coming that it doesn’t feel like an homework or something I have to get rid of… It’s a work in progress, we will craft it, work on it until it’s clear and perfect.

I can wait to be on the week 2 webinar, it’s truly a life changing experience and I already can tell that it’s been the case this week so far!



One thought on “Week 1 – Here we go.. First Blog Post ever!

  1. Congratulations, Yan!! You’ve crafted your first Blog post and shared with all of us such great enthusiasm and joy!! It’s exciting that you are excited to be giving yourself this gift of structured time and focus on your own inner world and connection with Universal Mind. You’re off with a phenomenal beginning!! Yiippee!!


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