Week 2 – We get the ball rolling!

Second week of the MKMMA journey is almost done. It’s been a really fun, profound and exciting experience again. The more we go in depth into the program the more I like it. I can feel the energy, even some results already and my Definite Major Purpose is getting more clear now. I have to be honest, It was a little more difficult this week to stay on track with the requirements and the reading, BUT I did it anyway without having to think about it much. That’s why i’m saying that I have seen some results so far…

On Monday, I was looking at my treadmill right beside me in my office at home, and everyday in my DMP i’m telling my subby that i’m working out with joy and i feel great being in the best shape of my life. So guess what, without even getting dress for exercising or prepare a bottle of water or nothing, I just jumped on the treadmill and did 30 minutes non stop of jogging! I didn’t feel that good in a while, I was surprise and proud of myself. I was looking at that machine for weeks trying to convince myself i should run. Since Monday, I did at least 30 minutes everyday, and i don’t have to drag myself on it, I just do it !! Do It NOW !!  But I really believe that some results, it’s really inspiring and motivating when you have positive change like that.

This week Master Key exercises was also really cool. We are going to a totally new level now, I have a pretty good control over my body, it’s a totally different thing with our thoughts, to control them and just realizing how many different thoughts can go through our mind in just a minute. I feel much stronger and confident now already, and i’m ready to go all the way!

It’s wonderful to discover how quick we can change our path and be on a totally different vibration. I wish for all of you one day that you take time to work on yourself like this course is doing on me right now. I feel fantastic !!

Bonne semaine,


5 thoughts on “Week 2 – We get the ball rolling!

  1. So excited for you! Great to begin to see the results…I look forward to hearing more as we journey together in Team Fawn


  2. DO IT NOW!! Wooohooo!!! You’ve got your subby going directly to work with your body which you obviously feel fairly comfortable with. It is the repetition of what we truly desire that’s going to let your wholeness shine through in your life, Yan. Great to have you on board!

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