Week 3 – The Foundations

After the 3rd week webinar last Sunday, I realized a few things! I guess that’s why it’s so important to be on those webinars every week, because we sure have lots of information to lay down the foundations. When I identified my PPN’s last week, I hesitated between Legacy and Recognition for Creative Expression. All week I was not sure about my choice, but after Webinar #3, I knew I had to change for Recognition for Creative Expression. It’s like if I was hiding from myself because of some fears of what people might think about it, but I understand now. It’s my purpose and I want to achieve it for what I can give to others, it’s my way to give back and share. All week I was really comfortable, I had to modify my DMP as well to go with my second PPN.

Working on my DMP this week, with the advice and tips from my guide is so valuable, it’s really a great experience. I feel supported, i feel like i’m getting closer to my Definite Purpose and at the same time, my confidence is really stronger. One thing I can relate to during this week, as we go not everyday is as easy as it looks. When everything is fine and goes well it’s easy to do our requirements and the readings, but on Wednesday I had a little challenge. A few things here and there happen during the day I didn’t expect and boom, I was of the track for a little while during that day. I realize now how important creating those new habits is for our success. Immediately I was able to get back on tack without much thinking about it, the good habits i’m creating just took control of me like it was so natural.

It’s really great when we can feel and live those results that the program bring to us, i’m super exited by what is coming on. And I know we are just getting the foundation and we are just getting started !

My business is picking up some crazy momentum, i’m down 10 lbs and i’m living something really fun and exciting. Thanks for being there and following this awesome journey with me…

Au revoir,


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