Week 4 – I Can Be What I Will To Be

This simple but profound sentence, ”I Can Be What I will To Be” changed everything for me. This week was again very exciting as I again get new perspective that i’m changing, my BluePrint is getting more and more precise and that little sentence I keep saying it all the time aloud, i’m addicted to it!! lol What a good habit!
Still, it was my biggest challenge so far in the program because I had to travel to California for my business, so far doing all the requirements and the reading from home was easy but on the road with all the distractions and the meetings, not as easy but I manage to do it. Another great example that those habits are forging my new BluePrint.
My flight back home was on sunday pretty much at the same time i was boarding my plane, I watched and listen to the webinar on my cell phone walking into the plane until they told me to turn my phone off, I was almost wishing it was delayed so I can finish the webcast..hihi That’s how much i’m into it and excited about this life changing experience !!

Have a wonderful week,

Bonne Semaine 😉


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