Week 5 – Want my sincere opinion?

All this is really starting to make sense and I can affirm right now that it has change my life so far, it’s a lot of fun! I cannot see myself going back to the Old Blueprint, it’s just impossible. This week as i’m working hard to reach a business goal, in the mean time honouring my weekly requirement. I felt a little overwhelm at first, then it seems like the new habits I putted in place in the last few weeks real paid off and i managed to get through my exercises and reading without compromising my goal! It was also evident that all the work we did so far gave me the positive mental attitude and confidence to keep on pushing toward that goal.

This week exercise on opinions is way harder than I tough. At first when you really think about it it’s ok, but as soon as real life kick’s in and you have other things going on, I surprised myself on how much I was giving opinions all day long. I actually like that, It forces me to really be awake and aware on what’s going on around me. Definitely something that I have to work on next week too, it’s really not that simple

For next week, I am looking forward to start reading the next scroll in the Greatest Salesman, it’s like a new step i’m looking forward too. It’s getting more and more deeper in the subby and I like that, on my day to day I can really see the difference and feel the work we are doing within!

Bonne semaine à tous mes amis,


One thought on “Week 5 – Want my sincere opinion?

  1. Yan, your post is inspiarional! Knowing that in fact you did reach your monthly goal whihc had been written in your DMP makes your sharing even more powerful!! It really is about the habits we create. What are the thoughts we’re feeding our subconscious? Congratulations on recognizing how much you’ve developed.


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