Week 6 – Shine Bright like a Diamond!!

I did it !! One of my DMP SMART Goal was to rank advance in the month of October to the Diamond position in my company, diamond-550x397-transparent
and I actually reach it this Monday. It was an awesome experience as I can directly relate this achievement to the work I did in
the last 6 weeks on the BluePrint and the within. I even wrote to my Master Key Experience Guide during the week to see if I should change it on my DMP I put It later because of the short time I had, and positively she said Go For It !

As i’m working on my Press Release, i know i’m little late, I can really feel that my life is changing, my energy increased, i’m getting more fit, my mind is clearer and I experience the new me everyday in all part of my life! As I was going to the store to get myself a compass, i really understand why I was going that way, how It can be so powerful to know your Definite Major Purpose and doing what we have to do to achieve it, it’s actually a really fun journey so far. I shared with some business partner and friends what I was into right now since they have notice some positive changed lately with me and I was even more passionate when telling them about the program, I think sharing this and helping people finding their Definite Purpose is something that i’m really gonna be involve in. It’s also part of my DMP.

Ho I was happy this Tuesday morning as we were reading a new scroll in the Greatest Salesman, it was like a new discovery or a breath of fresh air.
I’m proud of the work i did so far, I can see major change and it’s always encouraging to see progress toward the of me and a better life for my family!

With Love in my heart, je vous souhaites bonne semaine


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