Week 7 – No Diet Are Easy!

As we are getting more deep into the Master Key program, I’m going through all kind of things happening to me in my day to day life, just like everybody else. But what I can say now, is the way i look at all situations going on in my life is very different since I started working on the new blueprint. It’s really amazing taking a step back and analysing how I can handle and manage my life since then, It’s almost like i’m so different in my thinking compare to most people… I wish most people discover what we are experiencing with this program !

One the biggest challenge of my life so far was on this week assignment with the 7 Day Mental Diet. Ohh I learn so much about me suddenly !! I always thought it was hard to follow a diet to loose weight and get on a scale, put it’s nothing compare to the work we have to do inside our head. I was not even able to do half a day so far, it’s something I will have to really work on. Still It’s very exciting to again to have this challenge, i love it since I know that it’s all for the best version of myself, and seeing all the results so far make’s me even more hungry to take on challenges like the Mental Diet.

I found the nice music soundtracks I’ll record my DMP on, actually I decided to record two version with two different background music. I wanted one version to be more dynamic to listen at when I workout or jog and a version with Sebastian Bach, more classical for relaxation and concentration. I have a lot of fun recording those tracks and listening to myself, which was a little weird at the beginning.

I’m still putting the final touch on my press release and poster, not the easiest for me to complete these two assignments since I have so much going in my head I would like everything to be perfect and precise. I have such a great feeling and inner harmony right now about what’s going on in my life so far.

My wish for all of you, his that you find your real dharma and you start working on achieving it !! It’s the best experience of my life so far..

I greet this day with Love in my heart,

Allez en paix!


8 thoughts on “Week 7 – No Diet Are Easy!

    1. Thank you Yan for your open and transparent heart and the way you express yourself so genuinely! Your honest and heartfelt words are refreshing to read. You are expressing so much of what I believe others feel while on this amazing journey of discovering the Hero Within!!


  1. Yes Yan! I can so easily feel you greeting each day with Love in your heart! It’s coming through so clearly and beautifully! As i was reading your Blog post I kept feeling how peaceful your actually feel below the words. It’s as though, even with all of the activities you’ve given yourself more internal space. Within that spaciousness you’re allowing silence to permeate with it’s authentic centering flow. This comes through from your sharing, Yan. totally great!!


  2. Thanks.. yeah what a world we would live in if more people would start to think like we learn, and if the start to go for their dharma.. so yeah you are different than most people, because you are doing what most people only dream about doing.. so celebrate, even though some of it gets tuff..
    Seems like you are doing AWESOME.
    Looking forward to be following your journey 🙂


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