Week 8 – Love is in the air!

”Muscle can split a shield and even destroy life but only the unseen power of love can open the hearts of men and until I master this art I will remain no more than a peddler in the market place.”

As we are half way through this month Scroll, the Scroll of Love as I call it, I really started to put it in practice this week. My business is expending really fast since we started the program, and I had a few appointments this week where I kind of started judging and was not feeling comfortable with the people i was going to meet. I know it was all in the subby, that old blueprint taking over my mind. What I found out is, right before entering the meetings, and I did this several times this week, I stopped, take a deep breath and repeat out loud while a visualize a give a firm friendly handshake, saying I LOVE YOU..  I found out it was a way for me to Stop the negative in my mind and reverse everything bad I was creating about those meeting. Well you probably want to know now the turnout of those appointments? It was amazing, I met real nice people, they were opened to listen about the business and actually are part of our Team now!

This week I worked to get back on track on a few things I was late, like my Press Release. Found out I was holding myself to write it because I was telling myself It was hard for me to write in English since i’m French, I was not good at this… STOP IT!  I was all in my mind again !! This his telling me how much all this programming is important and not that easy to get rid off. Anyway, I sat down with my laptop at the kitchen table and started writing. I told myself just write something good but short. After an hour I had about 600 words and still going, I was unstoppable. Ideas where flowing, my creativity was there and I actually had a lot of fun writing my Press Release, and most of all I was really proud of me and the end result.

I also worked on my Movie Poster, this is a treat for me, I’m doing Dream boards for the last 10 years, I really like doing that. But this one is really special, I don’t call it a Dream Board, it’s really a Movie Poster and it’s the first time I create one, I’m using pictures I found on the internet of the things I want to manifest, closest at it can be from the reality I want to create and with Photoshop I put everything together all nice and pretty !! lol


I’m still dieting with the Mental Diet, I have to let you know it’s refreshing in a way and it’s helping me having full consciousness of what our mind is all about. It’s way tougher than what most people think. I watched that funny video again with the 2 simple words, hahaha I just love humor and this his a good way for me to remind to Stop It, just Do It Now !! Because I Can Be What I Will to Be 😉

J’acceuil cette journée avec l’amour dans mon coeur,

Have a fantastic week..


11 thoughts on “Week 8 – Love is in the air!

  1. So great that you feel positive movement with the course! Good for you for working hard at getting back on track. The press release is like a mini term paper – the hardest part is just getting started but then away you go! Keep up the good work.
    PS I love your serene scenery picture and the patterned border.


  2. Yan, I shake your hand and mentally say “I Love You.” Thank you for this exchange. So appreciate you sharing about taking the time to Stop and connect within yourself first. This act in itself is the new paradigm and as you know, the more you Do it Now, the stronger it becomes within the subby. Really ties in with your continuation of the mental Diet~ I,too, appreciate your Blog presentation, very classy and well done, Yan!


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