Week 11 – Whatsoever things we desire

This week we were back from a week off from our weekly webinar, and it was weird !! I’m so into it now, I was missing it! Still I took that time to study, read and work on my audio recording and it was good. I can see that it’s not only on requirement anymore but really because I enjoy it and it’s part of the new blueprint.

The Master Key exercise was different for me this time, since I felt like it was not as precise as the previous exercises but more open, i mean ”whatsoever things we desire, when we pray, believe that we receive them and we shall have them” No Limitations, its wide open…  That was in part challenging to not limit myself. In a sense where we are not use to have limitations and we often look to the mental barrier… It’s too much, you don’t really need that, etc.. I felt great have really enjoyed this exercise.

I had an awesome news this week, which in a way can be interpret like a lucky moment, but I really think it’s my DMP getting into motion. We were asked by our upline partners to hop on a webinar for a new announcement on our new training platform, and what a surprise when I figure that they are providing us for free the Go90Grow training platform form Mark and Devene, adapted for our network marketing company to the entire team. I was so excited and happy because without knowing it I was looking to improve and enlarge my skills to become a better trainer and a better network marketer, this was such a great revelation !! So now i’m part of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance and also implementing Go90Grow into my business, I ‘m bless !! Total package

I picture myself every time I read my DMP being in Hawaii for the MKMMA Live in Kauai next year hanging out with all my friends from the program, my partners, the MKMMA Guides and Mark and Devene, we have so much fun !

Have a fantastic week, love you all !!


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