Week 12 – I’m not hugging the Kettle!

Aloha ! We are approaching Christmas, I am actually writing this post and tomorrow is our first Christmas Party with Kim’s family. Lots of great moments coming in the next few days!

On the last webinar it was brought to the subject to start using our senses more when visualizing our DMP. I had a lot of fun with that and really enjoyed it. We are looking to build our dream home on a land close to where we live right now, and every time I passed by this road, I do a detour and stop in front to where we’ll build that home and I close my eyes. I can see it perfectly with the grass, the trees and plants, the driveway going up… I can feel the wind blow on my face as I sit on the porch, the sound of the kids playing, the neighbor lawnmower running. The mix smells of the fresh cut grass and the barbecue grilling a nice family dinner. It feel so great, I drive back home with a smile I can’t wait to be there enjoying life with my family. But this is really a fun exercise for me. I remember Jim Rohn audio training about the dreams so real you can have people come and visit your imaginary house, the 3 car garages, and he bumped his elbow on the fireplace… lolll  I Loved it…

After all the great shifts that went on with my progress so far, I have been sharing my MKMMA experience with my wife Kim, and she decide to start reading Og Madino’s book ”The Greatest Salesman”, now I have a reading partner, it’s so cool! But the best part is when she told me that reading her Scroll each day made her happier, and more focus since she started. This is big for me, it’s really great to have people that we love starting to change and having great result in such a short time. Having my wife lined up on the same mental picture as I am, driven by our purpose and new habits are making us a better and stronger couple now. I really believe in us to achieve harmony and happiness, abundance and  so many great things. I love her and I love my Family!

As we now implement a new training program to our business Team, with G090Grow from Mark and Devene. It’s so great and really the best thing that can have happen for me as I’m growing with the MasterKey, I now can implement what I know and practice to my business in direct correlation with the subconscious mind and the new BluePrint. I feel stronger, more confident, knowledgeable and competent. This week I was far from thinking that at this point I will have the chance to speak and share phone numbers with Mark ”The Laziest Networker”. Everything is falling into place and I can feel the groove. When I was racing motocross or downhill skiing, we used to call that ”The Zone”. I’m really looking forward to work those skills, dig deep and then teach them to my team and help them become the best Networkers out there. I want to build the best skilled Team of professionals. My purpose and my motivation is to give back the letters of nobility and the credibility of Network Marketing as an Industry because it’s a mess right now but also to show that it’s a wonderful vehicle to change peoples lives and give hope.
I Love what I do!

Knowledge does not apply itself, we as individuals must make the application, and the application consists in fertilizing the thought with a living purpose.”

I’m so fired up! No Bear Hug Kettle for me this week … 🙂  ff146cc7880c092702c6f2c295a06e1d

Bonne semaine, I Love You!


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