Week 13 – To Persist is To Live

I am thankful and proud of myself as we are mid way through the MKMMA program now, and right in the holidays. It was not particularly easier and not harder to follow my new blueprint, it’s part of me now, so I actually had a few missed in my reading and mostly with the MasterKey exercise… BUT, what I really can see now, is that if I go by one day without doing my personal work, I just get really uncomfortable and kind of mad at me so I jump right back at it and I get stronger! I liked on this week webinar the parts at the beginning with the guides sharing with us their stories, so inspiring !!

This week i focused on a new powerful technique we learn from the webinar, It’s call NARC (Neurological Associative Reactive Conditioning). Pleasure feels good, pain feels bad. NARC let me attach PLEASURE to building my business, making prospecting calls, and I attach now PAIN to NOT making training & prospecting calls. It’s really powerful and really made a huge difference in my approach for the business and also my workout routine. Way more fun and I enjoyed doing my tasks, I’ll used that more and more and get better at it, but I will also teach it because it’s so powerful !
I like this sentence from Ralph Waldo Emerson

”The human mind, once stretched by a new idea, can never return to it’s original shape”

After I filled out this week survey, what a surprise when I saw the page inviting us to the Live MKMMA Retreat in Hawaii in May!! I immediately sent it to my lovely wife and shared with her that we will be there and how fun and awesome it will be experiencing this live with the fellows members, the Guides, Mark & Devene. You have to know that since I put together my DMP in October, I visualize and I feel already being there and having great moments in Hawaii with the tribe!! It was a super manifestation for me.

Happy Holidays everyone !!

Joyeuses Fêtes !!


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