Week 14 – I am Grateful

Hi There, as most people are closing this past year and entering a new chapter, i’m already writing my new blueprint in this chapter !!

This week I watched the movie Wild with my wife, and we loved it. I immediately can relate the persistence and burning desire of that woman to find out her major purpose and change he blueprint. The struggles, the fear and also the little voice saying she should quit at the beginning really put us in some situations we all face and we can relate too. She had a purpose, and plan of action and a burning desire to reach her goal! Really good movie.

slow-downI had a major revelation this week, kind of a wake-up call. I realized that  even if I am seeking Liberty and time freedom, it would be hard for me to fully experience it until I slow down. I’m a Red, I mean bold Red, and I had a moment while driving to a family dinner for the holidays in a major snow storm where i was getting really impatient. Even if I was working from home, no boss to report to or specific agenda except for my business, i was always in a hurry and and everything as to go fast. I eat too fast, I drive too fast, I always have to go faster… it’s a matter or productivity and no waste of time. Oh my gosh it hit me in the face !! The good news is that I know now what’s going on and I can make some change. But honestly I was not happy the way I was living, It was burning me down, I was tired. It was affecting my relationship with family, my friends and colleges. I need to enjoy the present moments and let go, enjoy more and relax. I will make good use of the Law of Relaxation. 😉

The MasterKey exercise was a challenge for me this week. At the beginning I had a hard time with Harmony, going deep and being conscious of nothing but Harmony, but with practice and repetition I think I get it better at the end of the week!  I keep repeating this phrase from my DMP and integrating harmony on every aspect of my life!

”I live the way I please and achieve inner HARMONY and happiness, abundance of money to pay bills and living in peace of mind”

Bonne et Heureuse Année et bonne semaine à tous…



5 thoughts on “Week 14 – I am Grateful

  1. Yan, it does sound like your practice of remembering to live with inner Harmony is helping you notice when it will benefit you greatly to slow down, observe and enjoy. Great to know of your major revelation this week.

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