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Interview BY Eric Worre with Power Couple Kim and Yan Lambert on November 21, 2020

It is 8am and the morning heat is already heating up Las Vegas air. As always, excitement is in the air of the Nevada city which never sleep. We are here for the 11th Recruiting Mastery Event, a special event held every year by me at the Las Vegas Convention Center where more than 10 000 Professional Networkers from around the World.


This year we have a special interview among all the guest speakers to present you, this power couple Kim & Yan Lambert out of Quebec, Canada. Their incredible success story has successfully inspired and motivated thousands of people to find their way and achieve their life goals.  They are now considered among the best Network Marketing Top leaders in the industry with more than a 100 000 active associates around the world. Being regularly invited to share their passion and wisdom at their company event and many other International events around the globe.

Hello Yan, and your lovely wife Kim, thank you for accepting our invitation, it is a pleasure to meet you. This place is amazing and you have a suite that anyone could dream on to stay in Vegas, first congratulations for your wonderful family, it’s amazing! Do you always travel all together like that? 

As the kids play around and are having fun, the atmosphere is very relax and joyful.

Thanks Eric, it’s an honour to welcome you here with us this morning to have coffee. It was one of the reasons why we wanted this lifestyle, is to be able to have time with our kids and family, we love travelling and it’s really great to be able to do it all together. We don’t always travel with the kids, sometimes Yan has events or meeting where we can’t go, but at least three times a year we go for a week long family vacation somewhere like in Europe or Hawaii.

Magic Kingdom, Disneyworld, Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA

I remember the first trip we did was in Disney back in spring 2017 with the kids, we had so much fun! This week here in Vegas, it’s a special event, all the family is there, my mother and Yan’s mom and dad came too to see him speak on stage at your event, it was one of his first SMART Goals on his DMP for many years, and we are proud to be here for that special moment.

Since then, Yan and his family have made several trips around the world. They like skiing in Switzerland, exploring the ancient Rome in Italy, walking the beaches of Hawaii, just to name a few vacation they shared with us.

It’s really a pleasure to have you here for this year event. Can’t wait for you Yan to share that characteristic energy and passion you got for this industry.

You guys get married in 2017, I heard it was a beautiful wedding, you have 4 children and I know you are truly an inspiration for the people out there, the families who are looking for a better way. You are involved in Network Marketing now for the last 15 years, it has not been always easy for you, what was the turning point for you in your career?

Yan also shared with me that being an introvert himself, speaking now in front of thousands of people required him to work really hard developing the skills to be a public speaker. He took many class and courses to get there, including Toastmaster and Les Brown Speaking Academy!

Well, excellent question Eric!I can relate that turning point like you say to one particular decision I took in October 2016. It was an amazing discovery and my introduction to Mark and Davene Januszewski and their Master Keys Master Mind Experience. Through the tools and skills learned in this Master Keys program, the vision began to take form and it became a reality in my mind’s eye. In fact I started working on a new BluePrint from within instead of trying to influence the without! By recreating new habits, my life started to change and in a matter of weeks things started to go our way. It’s a Pay it Forward program, wonderful idea to help people grow and get better. I started training and coaching people in our Team with the same principle from the MKMMA program and our business just explode. Now we are fortunate enough to have friends all over the world, we help people start, promote and grow their business and achieve their Definite Major Purpose in life !

WOW !! Personal development is a big part of our industry!

It’s everything… But mostly it’s about reprogramming our old blueprint to a new one by working on our self! And I really mean working! That program was 24 weeks long and it literally change our lives

When you say it change your lives, what would you say that is the biggest change for you?

Such a great question! My mental attitude, the discipline, Love !!
I’m now at 44 year old in the best shape of my life, since 2017 i’m at 175lbs, training almost every day in our home gym with joy and passion, I feel young and energetic, but mostly i’m proud of my body. I can now wear the clothes I really want! 
I now have a peace of mind, since we moved in July 2017 in our new house in St-Nicolas, close to Quebec City, a Victorian style home, double garages with a swimming  pool, completely furnished where we feel great in a warm and peaceful place for the whole family. It’s amazing, with the Family room to play games, my home office is just gorgeous, i’m so productive working from home. Gives me the time freedom, the liberty to enjoy every moments with the kids in their passions and sports. It’s amazing….hahaha

The both participate actively in the construction of their new home, It’s something Yan always wanted to do, building a house for his family that will stay in the legacy !

Some funny stuff. I heard you bought a new motocross and started riding again? You’re not to old?

Yeah!! I’m that crazy… I raced Motocross for many years before, and I stopped when my first boy was born and I always wanna ride again, but money was short and my priority was to take care of the family first. Also as we get older, It’s a sport where you need to be in really good shape. Getting back my fitness, and turning back my financial situation so quickly, I bought a new bike in 2017, and now I ride with my boys, and my older daughter just started riding. It’s a lot of fun being able to do that all together!

Talking about money, it’s always a big subject in our industry. Being now one of the top earner of your company and in the industry, did you think it will ever happen to you after all those years?

There’s is one thing I can say about me, and it’s i’m not a quitter… After many struggles, lots of hard times, lots of starting over… it was not even in my mind.

The MKMMA Program again changed everything for me. Before, for 10 years, I was just working hard trying to change the outside world, but what I didn’t know is that it was all coming from the inside!!! 
blackdiamondIn 4 weeks I achieve the Diamond rank in my company, from then onward we have build a solid recurring income of $50 000 a month in just 2 years. By the end of 2017, we had $10 000+ deposit every week in our business account. Now being a Black Diamond, we were able to put aside $1 Million Dollars in savings, it was one of my long time goal, and like Jim Rohn used to say, it’s not for the Million dollars in the bank, it’s for the person I had to become to get the million dollars. That was my goal… now I can give it away and do nice things around me. 

It never gets old, Jim Rohn also changed my life. What kind of sacrifice you had to do?

Back in October 2016, when I put together my DMP (Definite Major Purpose), I sat down with my wife, the kids and this time it was it, so for a few weeks I was really committed into the program, then gradually It became a way of life. But I had to sacrifice old habits and put aside my ego to learn from my mentors, always being open to get better and improve. I promised from this point to read 1 hour everyday, I also promise to sit I think about my goals for 15 minutes everyday. See, most people are not willing to do those simple things, I learned to appreciate and love those simple things!! I now live the way I please and achieve inner harmony and happiness. I mostly learned to Always Keep my Promises, no matter what. I study and learn to always stay at the best of my capacity of a servant leader. I am a fearless mentor, leader and speaker!

It was just amazing Yan & Kim to be with you this morning, thank you for sharing your incredible story. I’m sure everybody today at the Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Event will just love your training, you’ll bring value to people and help them create and achieve their purpose in life.
It’s always a pleasure to see great generous people like you, again you have a wonderful family!

Then I stayed in their suite for breakfast, we enjoyed the conversations for another hour, laughing and talking about our vision of the industry. I played with their sons and chat about their upcoming career in network marketing and it was another great interview with one of those couple that we want to stay friends forever!